Day 1–Massage therapy

I could not sleep deep for long time, even recently I took a short trip to stay in the countryside for a few days to get close to nature and reduce screen time. My situation is not improving. So last night, I decide to get some external help– a massage therapy. 

In Thailand, massage shops are around every corner. Prices are so cheap, from the very basic Thai massage/ Foot massage 250baht/hr(less than  10$/hr) and go up to 350baht/hr, 500baht/hr etc. 

I visited the shop I go regularly and got a full body Thai massage for one hour(this was great) and head-neck-shoulder massge for another hour(this is a bit too much as the massager pressed so hard).  Anyway, It was comfortable and relaxing to spread out some sore muscles and release the tension built up in there. 

I went home, played with my mobile and computer and then went to bed around 1am(yeah, I think screen time is my biggest sleep killer actually).  Then I woke up at around 7am the next day, with a dizzy head and coud not go back to sleep again. 

So today massage therapy is a failure for me, alleviate my physical stress could not immediately relieve my mental stress.   The massage didnot improve my sleeping. 

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